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Spiritual Movement 
For Richmond, VA



 Prophetess Sherry Wilson 

Prophetess Sherry Wilson began to dance for the Lord in 2001.  In the year 2002, God revealed that this was indeed a gift and a calling to proclaim His gospel through the Ministry of Dance.  Prophetess Wilson was liscensed and ordained to preach the gospel in 2009.  God has equipped and supplied her with boldness to teach and correct what is decent and orderly in regards to steps that are kingdom bound. Prophetess Sherry has studied many dance techniques, yet Prophetess Wilson knows that spiritual movement is a result of the overflow of an authentic praise from inside, connecting with divine truth, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  She understands that movement can only sincerely reach people, whether lost or saved, if it is birthed out of a heart that is in love with Christ and a spirit that is actively seeking to study and meditate on His holy word.  She is often heard saying, “Servants that desire to praise, should desire to study, and those who study, should desire to praise.”  Prophetess Sherry is the Assistant Director and and instructor with  Revealed Dance Ministry & Academy.  Father has truly enlarged her territory and allowed her to share her teachings and choreography from coast to coast.  Prophetess Sherry serves as a Judah Kingdom Connection mentor and director under the leadership of DUTL Minsitries.  She is also the founder of Spiritual Movement an extedned dance class that teaches not only effective liturgical movement, but biblical principals of ministering in dance.  In obedience to the Holy Spirit, she teaches “Spiritual Movement Sessions” one Saturday of each month to a limited number of dancers so that she can pour out in an “up close and personal” atmosphere.  At these sessions, Father has granted favor and allowed dancers to move about on fertile ground.  It has grown to be a place for dancers to press into a deeper level worship, bring forth God breathed movement and exercise complete freedom and liberty with their movement.  Sherry is committed and faithful to her calling and believes that her lifestyle speaks for her.  (Eph. 4:1).  Prophetess Sherry is married to the Pastor Robert Wilson, and togehter they pastor "For His Glory Worship Center" in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  One of her favorite verses of inspiration can be found in Proverbs 3:5-6




Colossians 3:23

William McDowell
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