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Name: Tia
Date: 01/12/2009
Message: May god continue to bless you with an outpouring and bless you with double anointing over you and the ministry. I truly was blessed by your ministries of praise. It touch my heart in various ways. Wow!

Name: Nicole Lahan
Date: 01/04/2009
Message: I wanted to say that the Evangelist Tracy and the other young lady that ministered at the New Year's Eve celebration with Keith Duncan were awesome. God bless you in your ministry and continue to minister to the hearts of God's people the way you did that night. The worship was amazing and I'm glad to see dance is apart of the worship!

Name: Tracey S. Washington
Date: 09/29/2008
Message: Evangelist Tracey and Deacon Sherry, and Minister Pearson, I thank you for blessing us with your teaching, dance instruction, and most of all your witness to the love you have for God. I learned so much about liturgical dance from the Maryland, and our church workshop at Shiloh New Site on Saturday. Your ministry is definitely different and a stand out from others I have attended or even been associated with, all because of each of your individual relationship and service to God. I thank you for being real and for teaching beyond dance to exemplify without a true knowledge of God's word, dance cannot have the anointing God intends for it to have to minister to his people. Thank you again, and I pray our paths will connect again soon. God Bless.

Name: keijo
Date: 08/21/2008
Message: And the bibles message daily are like best dinner in party of the Lord and his healing power and forgiven our sin and bad deeds and opportune that win the sinnners heart to him,thanks and bless and hope,pray,keijo sweden

Name: Brother Rock Harrison
Date: 08/12/2008
Message: Bless the Lord. I really enjoyed your site. I love the theme "His Glory Revealed' Thats our goal as a dance team here in North Carolina is to reavealed his glory im looking forward to coming to one of the confrences up there in Va. be blessed of the Lord

Name: Pastor Victoria Lewis
Date: 07/05/2008
Message: What a blessed ministry, Revealed you are truly called and appointed by God to release His Glory. Evangelist Tracy continue to speak the words of heaven and minister the power of God in dance. My prayer is that God would expose the world to the glory through this awesome ministry.

Name: Elder Pamela Sorrells
Date: 06/09/2008
Message: God bless each of you so much. I praise God for the time spent at the dance conference. I wouldn't of be able to attend even if you did go on with the dance on the 7th due to being in Germany, Amen. It was well with my soul when I departed Saturday the 31st. I learned more than just about dancing for the Lord. I learned somethings about myself. God truly spoke to me during the teaching session and showed me much during the time of applying what we had learned. I thank each of you so much. Praying that God will continue to pour out blessings upon the ministry that you have not room to recieve. I am the dance leader at my church and because of the conference and the insight that I have gained, I have asked each member to write a paper, titled "What is dance ministry to me and why am I apart'. To find out where I need to begin again with this ministry that it would grow even the more in God. Two people have already responded with much enthusiasm, because they attended as well, but of course one person, not so enthusiastic because they did not attend. Nevertheless I'm going on with what I believe God is having me to do anyhow. Since I am the leader God is holding me respomsible for what I allow them to do in the name of Dance Ministers for Him. Looking forward to more interaction with Revealed. I appreciate all that was done in the name of Jesus. God bless.

Name:  keijo
Date: 06/06/2008
Message: And jesus know me andmy name and he is writen this to book of life ,hallelujah ,glorya nd enjoy that praise him for salvation and healing daily and wich that all we can help the world that turn to the Lord and be saved,pray for blessed revivals soon,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden

Name: Venise
Date: 06/06/2008
Message: May god continue to pour his anointing over you and the ministry. I truly was blessed and took a closer look at myself on how our Father sees me. His image is far better. I know we will have the blessed opportunity to minister with you and the other anointed ministers of Revealed again before the people. Thanks so much.

Name: Tracey Washington
Date: 06/06/2008
Message: Thank you! It was a blessed time in the Lord. The revelations of praise dance's purpose and power just blew my mind. thank you for the education and just being real people. You and your staff exemplified the true Spirit of the Lord, and I left the workshop on Saturday with so much to think and pray about, not only in my praise dance future, but also in my life. Thanks again.... and I look forward to more information about Judah Kingdom Connection. May God forever bless you all.


Colossians 3:23

William McDowell
Sound of Revival

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